Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday Round 5

Well it's that time of week again! Over at My Charming Kids, it's time for another round of Not Me! Monday. If you'd like to join in the "Not Me! Monday" fun, click here for the rules.

Just in case you're wondering, I definitely did not, as I was leaning over the bathtub to rinse out my daughters puke bucket, get sprayed in the head with the shower because I would have been smart enough to make sure that the flow was coming from the faucet rather than the shower head.

I did not ever, not even one time, have a headache in the morning because I didn't get my coffee infusion early enough. I am most certainly not addicted to caffiene, so this would never happen to me.

I did not lift my baby over my head only to have him drool on my face.

I did not show up to our church potluck with pizza from Papa John's. Because I am a good little housewife who always cooks amazing meals from scratch.

I did not pick my daughter up from school only to have her tell me that she had broken the zipper on her jacket. This has not happened multiple times with multiple jackets before. I did not then rush to the mall to find her a new jacket. Because zippers can be fixed so it would be silly to buy an entire new coat.

I would never ever spend a ridiculous amount of time on my daughter's Webkinz account playing one of the arcade games. That would be so immature.

I did not throw away all of my cookie cutters over the weekend because I was not at all annoyed that my husband kept making comments about how we needed to clean out the laundry room (which I did) and we needed to organize the drawers and cupboards in the bathroom (which I did not do yet, I spent the majority of the day in the laundry room) and we needed to find a new place to put our cookie cutters because they cluttered the drawer. I did not, after not finding a new home for the cookie cutters, furiously clean the rest of the house to work off my frustration. I am not passive aggressive, I always address issues head on.

And finally, I absolutely positively did not enter the kitchen to find that my 10 month old son had opened the pantry and pulled out the recycling (which was not strewn all over the floor). And he was certainly not playing with a can with a very sharp lid. Because that would be just plain irresponsible and dangerous.

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All My Monkeys said...

I usually find that if they get me so mad that the house gets clean, then maybe it was a good thing :D lol.