Thursday, March 24, 2011

packing my bags...

...and moving out. Time for a change. Also, there are now SEVEN Bartells. Feel free to visit me at Where I will hopefully manage to do semi-regular postings.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Quotes by (mostly) Ethan

These are quotes I grabbed off of my facebook status updates. Yeah, I'm that creative.

After Wyatt had grabbed onto a poopy diaper that was next to his head while he was being changed...
Ethan:"If he ate that thing...if he ate that WHOLE diaper..."
Maya: "His mouth would smell really bad."

Aaron: "They have a bottle opener that goes on your belt buckle."
Ethan: "What's a bottom opener?"

Brenna had a friend over for a couple of days. She brought a homemade volcano. You know, the type you made in grade school involving a bottle and tin foil.
Ethan, after the friend left, with a bottle and plastic wrap: "Mom, can you help me get this (the plastic wrap) on top of here (the bottle)?
Me: "What for?"
Ethan: "I'm gonna make a cannon ball."

As I'm putting french braids in Maya's hair...Ethan: "But Mom, you don't need to put corn dog buns in her hair right now!"

Ethan: "Mom, I don't want it (2nd egg roll). But I already licked it so nobody else can have it."

As I'm holding two Starbucks drinks, a grande for me and venti for a friend...
Ethan, pointing at the venti: "Mom, is that one for Amy?"
Me: "Yes."
Ethan: "But that one should be for you, you have a bigger tummy than her!"

Ethan: "I'm singing him (Wyatt) a song. Do you like it? It's about you. Muscles."

Ethan (showing me the back of the box his mouth guard came in): "What does this say Mom?"
Me: "Semi rigid core, pre fit, flex palate fit, fitting instructions enclosed."
Ethan: "See Mom? I told you you were supposed to get me the clothes!"

Ethan after watching Air Bud: "I wish I had potential. Mom, what's potential?"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ethan(5): "Why did daddy have to have surgery down there?"
Me: "Just because."
Ethan: "Because it wasn't working?"
Me: "Because it was working too well."

Ethan(5) singing: "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Was so much fun, we had to run, jump in someone's sleigh!"

Ethan(5): "But Mom, I want a piece of candy; I'm hot!"

Brenna(8)- "Mom, Ethan keeps yelling at us and telling us we can't try to put up the tire swing!"
Me- "You need to wait for Daddy to do that."
Brenna- "But we got out Daddy's drill and everything! We were having fun!

Ethan(4): "Mom, a penny just went down my throat."

"Mom, my throat hurts right here." -Ethan (4), pointing to a spot above his ear.

Ethan(4), pointing at a miniscule scab on my hand: "Mom, should we pick that scab? I did it before. It was awesome!"

While trying to explain genealogy to Brenna in the van...
Me: "So I'm 1/4 Swedish, 1/4 German, 1/4 Norwegian, and 1/4 English."
Maya(6): "And I'm 1/2 Chinese!"
Ethan(4): "And I'll have macaroni and chicken!"

Brenna(8): "Mom, were you alive in 1964?"
Me: "No!"
Brenna: "Wow, then this penny's really old!"

Maya(5): "Autie Kimmy doesn't have a beak. She has a mouth and a nose. She doesn't say quack quack. Or oink oink. Or moo moo."

"Maya, it's my turn!"-Ethan(3) in his sleep

Ethan(3): "Why's she sad?"
Aaron: "Oh, she's just feeling a little overwhelmed."
Ethan(3): "She bumped-ed her head?"

Ethan(3): "Dad, I'll be the tiger and you be the punch."

Brenna (7): "I know how to tell my left hand from my right hand because you write with your right hand and they both start with 'R'."

Ethan(3): "Where's Daddy?"
Me: "He's in Milwaukee."
Ethan: "He went for a walk?"

"Maya hurt my chubby!"
Ethan, 3, crying holding his cheeks

Ethan(3): "Mom I need a t-shirt!"
Me: "Why?"
Ethan: "Because the chipmunks are getting stuck on my jammies!" -referring to wood chips

Maya(5):"We're playing Marco Polo! Brenna says 'Marco' and I say 'Polo' and when I touch something I have to find where it goes!" -describing Brenna's ingenious way of getting Maya to do all of the cleaning of their room

Maya(5): "I don't want a hot dog, I want the inside of a cow!"

Me: "Ethan, simmer down."
Ethan(3): "Mom, why did you tell me to super super hero down?"

Ethan(4): "I didn't even have to wash my hands because I didn't touch my butt-butt."
Aaron: "Yes, you need to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom."
Ethan: "But I don't have to 'cause I didn't even touch the hose thing."

Ethan(3)when he's unhappy with me:"Fine, then I'm not gonna be your mom anymore!"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Danger of Silence

Tonight I was sitting in the living room with my laptop. Elliot was on the floor playing and I watched him crawl down the hallway toward his bedroom. I assumed he had found something to play with until, a few minutes later, Ethan shouted, "Mom! Come in here! Elliot's playing in the bathroom!" I rushed into the bathroom to find Elliot SPLASHING in the YELLOW toilet water. The sleeves of his shirt were wet all the way up to his shoulders. He had dropped his nuk in there and he was having a grand ol' time playing in the water. If it wasn't so disgusting I would have grabbed my camera. As it was, I grabbed my boy instead and threw him in the tub where he could splash a bit more, ahem, safely.

And yes, I have unashamedly stolen "ahem" from MckMama's blog.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Swaddlebee Pics

Well, I still can't seem to figure out how to get my pics off of my new camera and on to this blog (okay, I haven't actually tried yet, but I'm sure I couldn't figure it out even if I did try), but I do have some Swaddlebee pics to share with you! Of course, since both of you are my facebook friends, you've probably already seen them...

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Been Ahwile

In honor of the next holiday I have changed the template on my blog. It will remain for your viewing pleasure until Valentine's Day. On another note, our home seems to be a cesspool of germs lately. Every one of us has been sick at some point in the last month. It is definitely getting a bit tiresome. And then there's the dog. I have yet to actually bond with this four-legged, poop-on-the-floor, whiny ball of fur. I think once he finally gets, you know, TRAINED it will be better. But as of now, I honestly would feel no sadness if he were to go live with another family. So...any takers? No? Oh well.

If I actually knew how to do it, I would post some pics that I've taken with my new camera. To be honest, they aren't really all that great. I'm still learning how to use the darn thing. I think I may have disappointed my sister yesterday when I took pics of her baby. The lighting was terrible and I just haven't figured out how to work around that yet. I got about 2 really cute pics out of 50. But, I'm excited to get to have lots more practice with it! Well, the fur-ball calls. Better go take him out to "do his duty".

Friday, December 19, 2008

Expanding our Family

Aaron and I have decided that our family is not yet complete. We are finally ready for our last (hopefully our last) member to take up residence in our home. Meet Wylie.

He will be joining our family (and may get a name change) on Sunday, December 28. Shhh, it's a surprise! Don't tell the kids!