Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Quotes by (mostly) Ethan

These are quotes I grabbed off of my facebook status updates. Yeah, I'm that creative.

After Wyatt had grabbed onto a poopy diaper that was next to his head while he was being changed...
Ethan:"If he ate that thing...if he ate that WHOLE diaper..."
Maya: "His mouth would smell really bad."

Aaron: "They have a bottle opener that goes on your belt buckle."
Ethan: "What's a bottom opener?"

Brenna had a friend over for a couple of days. She brought a homemade volcano. You know, the type you made in grade school involving a bottle and tin foil.
Ethan, after the friend left, with a bottle and plastic wrap: "Mom, can you help me get this (the plastic wrap) on top of here (the bottle)?
Me: "What for?"
Ethan: "I'm gonna make a cannon ball."

As I'm putting french braids in Maya's hair...Ethan: "But Mom, you don't need to put corn dog buns in her hair right now!"

Ethan: "Mom, I don't want it (2nd egg roll). But I already licked it so nobody else can have it."

As I'm holding two Starbucks drinks, a grande for me and venti for a friend...
Ethan, pointing at the venti: "Mom, is that one for Amy?"
Me: "Yes."
Ethan: "But that one should be for you, you have a bigger tummy than her!"

Ethan: "I'm singing him (Wyatt) a song. Do you like it? It's about you. Muscles."

Ethan (showing me the back of the box his mouth guard came in): "What does this say Mom?"
Me: "Semi rigid core, pre fit, flex palate fit, fitting instructions enclosed."
Ethan: "See Mom? I told you you were supposed to get me the clothes!"

Ethan after watching Air Bud: "I wish I had potential. Mom, what's potential?"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ethan(5): "Why did daddy have to have surgery down there?"
Me: "Just because."
Ethan: "Because it wasn't working?"
Me: "Because it was working too well."

Ethan(5) singing: "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Was so much fun, we had to run, jump in someone's sleigh!"

Ethan(5): "But Mom, I want a piece of candy; I'm hot!"

Brenna(8)- "Mom, Ethan keeps yelling at us and telling us we can't try to put up the tire swing!"
Me- "You need to wait for Daddy to do that."
Brenna- "But we got out Daddy's drill and everything! We were having fun!

Ethan(4): "Mom, a penny just went down my throat."

"Mom, my throat hurts right here." -Ethan (4), pointing to a spot above his ear.

Ethan(4), pointing at a miniscule scab on my hand: "Mom, should we pick that scab? I did it before. It was awesome!"

While trying to explain genealogy to Brenna in the van...
Me: "So I'm 1/4 Swedish, 1/4 German, 1/4 Norwegian, and 1/4 English."
Maya(6): "And I'm 1/2 Chinese!"
Ethan(4): "And I'll have macaroni and chicken!"

Brenna(8): "Mom, were you alive in 1964?"
Me: "No!"
Brenna: "Wow, then this penny's really old!"

Maya(5): "Autie Kimmy doesn't have a beak. She has a mouth and a nose. She doesn't say quack quack. Or oink oink. Or moo moo."

"Maya, it's my turn!"-Ethan(3) in his sleep

Ethan(3): "Why's she sad?"
Aaron: "Oh, she's just feeling a little overwhelmed."
Ethan(3): "She bumped-ed her head?"

Ethan(3): "Dad, I'll be the tiger and you be the punch."

Brenna (7): "I know how to tell my left hand from my right hand because you write with your right hand and they both start with 'R'."

Ethan(3): "Where's Daddy?"
Me: "He's in Milwaukee."
Ethan: "He went for a walk?"

"Maya hurt my chubby!"
Ethan, 3, crying holding his cheeks

Ethan(3): "Mom I need a t-shirt!"
Me: "Why?"
Ethan: "Because the chipmunks are getting stuck on my jammies!" -referring to wood chips

Maya(5):"We're playing Marco Polo! Brenna says 'Marco' and I say 'Polo' and when I touch something I have to find where it goes!" -describing Brenna's ingenious way of getting Maya to do all of the cleaning of their room

Maya(5): "I don't want a hot dog, I want the inside of a cow!"

Me: "Ethan, simmer down."
Ethan(3): "Mom, why did you tell me to super super hero down?"

Ethan(4): "I didn't even have to wash my hands because I didn't touch my butt-butt."
Aaron: "Yes, you need to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom."
Ethan: "But I don't have to 'cause I didn't even touch the hose thing."

Ethan(3)when he's unhappy with me:"Fine, then I'm not gonna be your mom anymore!"