Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Danger of Silence

Tonight I was sitting in the living room with my laptop. Elliot was on the floor playing and I watched him crawl down the hallway toward his bedroom. I assumed he had found something to play with until, a few minutes later, Ethan shouted, "Mom! Come in here! Elliot's playing in the bathroom!" I rushed into the bathroom to find Elliot SPLASHING in the YELLOW toilet water. The sleeves of his shirt were wet all the way up to his shoulders. He had dropped his nuk in there and he was having a grand ol' time playing in the water. If it wasn't so disgusting I would have grabbed my camera. As it was, I grabbed my boy instead and threw him in the tub where he could splash a bit more, ahem, safely.

And yes, I have unashamedly stolen "ahem" from MckMama's blog.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Swaddlebee Pics

Well, I still can't seem to figure out how to get my pics off of my new camera and on to this blog (okay, I haven't actually tried yet, but I'm sure I couldn't figure it out even if I did try), but I do have some Swaddlebee pics to share with you! Of course, since both of you are my facebook friends, you've probably already seen them...

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Been Ahwile

In honor of the next holiday I have changed the template on my blog. It will remain for your viewing pleasure until Valentine's Day. On another note, our home seems to be a cesspool of germs lately. Every one of us has been sick at some point in the last month. It is definitely getting a bit tiresome. And then there's the dog. I have yet to actually bond with this four-legged, poop-on-the-floor, whiny ball of fur. I think once he finally gets, you know, TRAINED it will be better. But as of now, I honestly would feel no sadness if he were to go live with another family. So...any takers? No? Oh well.

If I actually knew how to do it, I would post some pics that I've taken with my new camera. To be honest, they aren't really all that great. I'm still learning how to use the darn thing. I think I may have disappointed my sister yesterday when I took pics of her baby. The lighting was terrible and I just haven't figured out how to work around that yet. I got about 2 really cute pics out of 50. But, I'm excited to get to have lots more practice with it! Well, the fur-ball calls. Better go take him out to "do his duty".