Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday Round 2

Over at My Charming Kids, it's time for another round of Not Me! Monday. If you'd like to join in the "Not Me! Monday" fun, click here for the rules.

Well, in true Not Me! Monday form, I did not (nor would I ever) almost forget that it was Monday and therefore did not almost forget to post my latest list.

I did not run over my son's bike which did not ruin the bike tire because it was not laying in the middle of the driveway.

I did not miss Ethan's chiropractic appointment because I did not forget to check the calendar.

I was not forced to throw away a sippy cup because it had not been in the toy room for at least two months and therefore was not growing a colony of mold.

I did not, while snuggled up in my bed at 10am talking on the phone, say to my friend that my life is too busy.

I did not spend most of the day on Sunday reading the archives of a new blog I thoroughly enjoy.

I did not watch my favorite NFL football team lose yet another game that they should have won.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Okay. Yes I realize that it is not actually Monday today. However, I didn't learn about this fun idea until yesterday and while I didn't have time to post then, I also didn't want to wait a week to actually post on a Monday. So excuse my cheating, please.

This idea comes from MckMama, author of the My Charming Kids blog. If you'd like to join in the "Not Me! Monday" fun, click here for the rules.

In the last week...
I did not get frustrated with my baby who did not suddenly decide that he no longer likes sleep.

I did not waste any time on the computer when I could have been doing something productive.

I did not clean my bathroom for the first time in a month.

I did not drink a minimum of one coffee and one can of soda a day.

I did not cringe while listening to Brenna practice her violin and certainly did not spend more time correcting her than encouraging her in said pursuit.

I did not utter some less than choice words because I did not step on a very small toy airplane twice within five minutes.

I did not have to rewash a load (or two) of laundry because I definitely didn't leave it in the washing machine too long.