Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Been Ahwile

In honor of the next holiday I have changed the template on my blog. It will remain for your viewing pleasure until Valentine's Day. On another note, our home seems to be a cesspool of germs lately. Every one of us has been sick at some point in the last month. It is definitely getting a bit tiresome. And then there's the dog. I have yet to actually bond with this four-legged, poop-on-the-floor, whiny ball of fur. I think once he finally gets, you know, TRAINED it will be better. But as of now, I honestly would feel no sadness if he were to go live with another family. So...any takers? No? Oh well.

If I actually knew how to do it, I would post some pics that I've taken with my new camera. To be honest, they aren't really all that great. I'm still learning how to use the darn thing. I think I may have disappointed my sister yesterday when I took pics of her baby. The lighting was terrible and I just haven't figured out how to work around that yet. I got about 2 really cute pics out of 50. But, I'm excited to get to have lots more practice with it! Well, the fur-ball calls. Better go take him out to "do his duty".