Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Juice Please?

Ethan asked me to post this so everyone could see how well he can drink lemon juice. He was very adamant to say that other 2 yr olds shouldn't try this without their parents assistance. Note that he is 3.5 now and has fully recovered from this event in his life. Actually, every once in awhile he asks me for more lemon juice. I don't know if that is dain bramage or if he is now pulling my leg :-)

While adding this to YouTube Ethan and I watched it multiple times (laughing each time of course). Every time I played it he would say "Do you think I will like it this time?" LOL! Gotta love kids and how they think.


lbartell said...

I just saw the video and can't stop laughing. My sides are hurting. I have a standing google alert for "Bartell" and your blog came up. This is absolutely priceless. You can check out another Bartell website by looking at Regards,
Lewis Bartell

shruley said...

This makes me laugh! When I was pregnant with Mikella I drank lemon juice with cream of tarter or something weird like that mixed in. It was supposed to keep blood pressure down. I still have nightmares thinking about it!