Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me! Monday Round 4

Over at My Charming Kids, it's time for another round of Not Me! Monday. If you'd like to join in the "Not Me! Monday" fun, click here for the rules.

My week did not go as follows:

While walking around the grocery store with my boys I did not hear the call of nature. The call was not so loud that I didn't pay attention to where I was going and therefore I did not see, upon entering the restroom, 3 urinals. It was not at all embarassing to be seen exiting the men's room by a store employee. I did not think to myself as I was entering the correct restroom, "This will make a good Not Me! Monday post."

I did not pull out the vacuum to suck up the cheerios on the floor and than leave it sitting next to said cheerios all day.

I did not give my SIL (whom I dearly love) a ride in my new (okay, new to me) van and she did not proceed to put her bottle of uncovered kumbacha (fermented tea, yuck!) in a cup holder that was not too big for the bottle. This full bottle did not tip over when I turned and therefore did not spill it's entire contents onto the floor of my new van which does not now smell like vinegar.

My husband did not call me at least 5 times while I was out getting a much needed respite with a friend. Because my husband can handle things just fine without me.

Well, I'm sure there should be many more to add to this list, but sadly I cannot remember any more!

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